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Osseointegrated Titanium Implants for Limb Prostheses Attachments: Infectious Complications

Jonatan Tillander MD, Kerstin Hagberg RPT, PhD, Lars Hagberg MD, PhD, Rickard Brånemark MD, PhD

The concept of osseointegration involves direct contact between titanium implant and bone. This transcutaneous prosthetic system for amputees is intended to assure stable long-term fixation. Most metal transcutaneous implants have failed, primarily owing to infection.

Laboratory Indicators for Early Detection and Surgical Treatment of Vibrio Necrotizing Fasciitis

Yao-Hung Tsai MD, Robert Wen-Wei Hsu MD, Kuo-Chin Huang MD, Tsung-Jen Huang MD

Vibrio necrotizing fasciitis is a rare and life-threatening soft tissue infection, with fulminant clinical courses and high mortality rates. However, the lack of specific disease characteristics and diagnostic tools during the initial examination may delay diagnosis.

Blood Culture Flasks for Culturing Synovial Fluid in Prosthetic Joint Infections

Lluís Font-Vizcarra MD, Sebastián García MD, PhD, Juan C. Martínez-Pastor MD, Josep M. Sierra MD, Alex Soriano MD, PhD

Identifying the etiologic microorganism is essential to guide antimicrobial therapy in prosthetic joint infection.