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Can Vascular Injury be Appropriately Assessed With Physical Examination After Knee Dislocation?

Douglas S. Weinberg MD, Nicholas R. Scarcella BS, Joshua K. Napora MD, Heather A. Vallier MD
4th February 2016

To Cast, to Saw, and Not to Injure: Can Safety Strips Decrease Cast Saw Injuries?

Natalie C. Stork MD, Rachel L. Lenhart PhD, Blaise A. Nemeth MD, MS, Kenneth J. Noonan MD, Matthew A. Halanski MD
4th February 2016

Antibacterial and Biocompatible Titanium-Copper Oxide Coating May Be a Potential Strategy to Reduce Periprosthetic Infection: An In Vitro Study

German A. Norambuena MD, Robin Patel MD, Melissa Karau MT, Cody C. Wyles BS, Paul J. Jannetto PhD, Kevin E. Bennet BSChE, MBA, Arlen D. Hanssen MD, Rafael J. Sierra MD
4th February 2016

Ceramic Heads Decrease Metal Release Caused by Head-taper Fretting and Corrosion

Sevi B. Kocagoz BS, Richard J. Underwood PhD, Daniel W. MacDonald MS, Jeremy L. Gilbert PhD, Steven M. Kurtz PhD
4th February 2016